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December 9 - 11, 2015, the 4th National Forum "Real Estate of Ukraine" was held in Kiev. This year the forum acquired the status of an international one, thanks to the participation in the organization of the FIABCI-Ukraine event, and personally its President, Telman Abbasov, representatives of FIABCI International. Active support was rendered by the general sponsor - the Titul Group of companies, public professional organizations of the industry - the Union of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine, the Realtor Chamber of Ukraine and the Association of Professional Property Managers. More than 350 people took part in the Forum.

The honorary guest of the Forum was World President Elect FIABCI International Kirkor Adherkhanyan. During his speech, participants learned about the opportunities provided by the International Federation of Real Estate Professionals, and that FIABCI is not only a community of professionals from around the world, but in the first place - a family where there are people, will always support each other. Each of the participants evaluated the importance of this organization and those business spaces that the FIABCI opens, and also felt the location of each of its representatives!

On the first day of the Forum a round table was held on the theme: "Time for change: developers and investors facing the challenges of a new globalization" during which the program of inclusive development approved at the UN level was presented. The discussion was based on the results of the thirteenth General Conference of UNCTAD. The round table was attended by more than 100 people.

General sponsor of the event Telman Abbasov, Adviser to the President of the World Council of Developers and Investors FIABCI, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Yuri Senyuk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine Alexander Rotov, Vice-President of FIABCI-Ukraine, Katerina Pilipchuk, Ph.D., Professor, Chief Researcher of the Foreign Economic Security Sector (National Institute for Strategic Studies dovany) Sharov Aleksandr Nikolaevich and other dignitaries.

The discussion was based on the report of the President of WCDI Telman Abbasov, in which the speaker focused on the fact that the whole world has realized and is in the process of finding ways to move from the old way of life and its exclusive development on an industrial basis to a new device of its being on a new industrial basis only technological, but also social and urban innovations, laid in the foundation of a sustainable and inclusive inclusive development

The transition from the old, industrial-oriented and civil-engineering objects, financial and industrial development to its new subject-oriented innovation-investment type, constitutes the essence of these changes. Changes in internal and in-depth ones, which require a fundamental transformation of the very institutional basis of the existence of the current consumer society, which facilitate its transformation into innovative and creative self-developing techno-urban ecosystems. The change of external integrating such agglomeration ecosystems into a single global civilizational and cultural network space of sustainable inclusive co-development within the framework of a "new globalization" based not on competition but on cooperation.

Telman Abbasov stressed that this in turn requires the creation of each such agglomeration of its own infrastructure of a "new globalization", and hence of the corresponding "new development and investment" that involves the whole community in the processes of open institutional design, co-investment, public-private partnership in the construction of real estate and infrastructure, as well as in the strategic management of the processes of configuration and coordination of inclusive participation in such a sustainable co-development.

According to Telman Abbasov, this is the essence of the challenges that form the time before the current, "exclusive" developers and investors. These challenges point to us as areas of change that require appropriate diversification of institutional capacities and FIABCI and WCDI, as well as the most sensitive and promising regions for sustainable development and the national territories most in need of global cooperation and assistance from the network of developers, investors and FIABCI experts in the organization territorial systems of inclusive co-development.

Based on the results of the discussion of the report of the President of WCDI Telman Abbasov, as well as the priority directions of inclusive transformation of national and global systems for the organization of development and investment in accordance with the Millennium Goals and 17 global UN goals for reaching a path of sustainable and inclusive development, the Round Table participants adopted a resolution.

"The time of change: development and investment
before the challenges of a new globalization "

  1. Creation at the FIABCI of a global institute for the design of territorial systems of sustainable inclusive development to provide effective assistance in combating poverty and moving to an innovative industrial base of socio-economic development for the most needy developing and transition economies.
  2. By analogy with the International Monetary Fund established for financial assistance to the countries most in need, to establish a Global Investment Fund under the auspices of the WCDI, to stimulate the formation of national sovereign funds and an open global crowdsporting network that ensure participation in inclusive innovation and investment development of the broadest population of all countries
  3. To form the necessary qualifications and competencies, to create a Global Training and Training Center under the FIABCI and, in agreement with the governments, a network of national corporate universities and contact centers for inclusive development and investment.
  4. To ensure partnerships in these matters with UNCTAD and UNIDO.
  5. To invite the FIABCI General Assembly in Brussels in January 2016 to consider the proposal of FIABCI - Ukraine to consider Ukraine as a pilot country for working out successful territorial models of inclusive development for their subsequent adaptation and multiplication in other transition and developing countries.

For all participants on December 9, there were master classes from international experts in real estate, in particular master classes from the world business coach, FIABCI-Belgium President Hendrik Nelde, FIABCI-Spain President and Real Estate Specialist in Catalonia Ramona Riera Toroba, President of the World Council of Brokers FIABCI Faruk Mahmud, as well as participants learned about mega-trends in the area from the mouth of the Vice-President of the World Award Committee of FIABCI Prixd'Excellence development projects, FIABCI-Germany President Jana Mrovets.

All participants received invaluable knowledge and communication with the leaders of the real estate market in the world. The second day of the Forum was full of speeches by Ukrainian experts: Roman Sulzhik, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Depository of Ukraine, Vladimir Mysak, representative of DTZ Ukraine, Andrey Novak, Chairman of the Committee of Economists of Ukraine.

The participants were able to see and assess the economic situation in the country and to take a fresh look at the impact of the Ukrainian economy on the real estate market, which is extremely important.

International experts, according to the forum participants, raised their spirits and instilled confidence in the potential of Ukraine and its bright future. In particular, Walid Moussa, President of FIABCI-Arabia, President of the Association of Developers of Lebanon in his presentation: "How to keep your business during a political tension?" Made it clear that everything depends on us and showed the tools with which everyone can conduct their own business to prosperity in any conditions with faith in their country and its citizens.

From Faruk Mahmud from India, the Forum participants learned how to bring their company to the world level using the business model of a referral, and from Johannes Igityan, France-Kazakhstan, how to attract international investors to develop projects in Ukraine. Have received 5 practical advice for realtors from the Gurus in the real estate business coach Hendrik Nelde.

Participants had an opportunity to listen to panel discussions on the actual topics of the real estate market in Ukraine, namely: panel discussion "Adaptation of national standards for valuation activities with international standards", moderated by Alexander Rubanov, President of the Union of Real Estate Experts of Ukraine and panel discussion "Legislative regulation of the real estate market Ukraine: pro and con, "moderator - Victor Nesin, chairman of the National Council of the Realtor Chamber of Ukraine. The listeners had the opportunity to express their thoughts from the proposed topics and ask questions.

The holding of such events is quite effective and it is necessary to hold them in the future, because the discussions lead to the formation of new ideas, give an opportunity to reflect on pressing issues that require analysis and making important decisions. It is also a great opportunity to gather professionals of their industry together to share their ideas and experiences.

According to the feedback of the participants, the main pleasant feature and uniqueness of the IV National Forum was that the event was held in a family, soulful atmosphere where it was possible to communicate not only with participants in the forum, but also in a relaxed atmosphere during coffee breaks, to get acquainted with Ukrainian and international speakers and ask them questions of interest.

The final and solemn event of the Forum was the ceremony of awarding winners and laureates of the contest "Professional Recognition" and the National Rating "Best Realtor Companies of Ukraine".

Within the framework of the gala dinner, a charity auction was held and funds were raised for the needs of the pupils of the Malyatko orphanage in Kiev.

The IV National Forum "Real Estate of Ukraine" became unforgettable for each of the participants, brought new ideas, ideas, acquaintances, professional skills. The forum was the impetus for the growth and improvement of the Ukrainian real estate market and business relations in it and many of the participants' impressions from the Forum exceeded expectations.

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