The Cannes, March 15 2017: MIPIM

The 28th international exhibition of commercial real estate MIPIM-2017 was held from March 14 – 16. Within the framework on March 15, the discussion "Blockchain: what are the prospects and tasks in the field of real estate" was held. During the discussion the following issues were discussed:

1. Proposal of Blockhcain and Bitcoin for new open, universal protocols for real estate purchase, transfer, public entry, escrow, reverse investment, etc.
2. What is the present and future of this technology?
3. Which blockchain system has the best security, functionality and reliability for real estate?

Also during the commission, Telman Abbasov introduced the new TIMAR platform, which allows investors to make deposits in real estate around the world, investing in a crypto currency, assured with square meters.

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