Metrumcion on Bloktex MY-2017

The BLOKTEX inaugural conference aims at bringing together all suppliers of blockchain technologies, crypto currency exchange and end-users all over Asia and the world as a whole who participate in a distributed database.

Telman Abbasov, the founder and CEO of Metrumcoin, presented his vision of globalization of real estate at the conference. It was to offer online and offline investment in real estate within the framework of modern blockchain structures - a hub for global implementation of projects, capitalization and return of the investment.

Also there appeared Rene Bernard, Anson Zell, Craig McGregor, Adam Waziri, Jack K. Liu, Zain Tarik, Pavel Kravchenko, Lilia Vershinina, Abdul Fattah, Matthew Tan, Pavel Matveyev, Matthew Rajendra, Romeo Ganit, Abdul Aziz, Dave Appleton.

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